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Our Mission

Our mission at Silent Shade is to “farm for the future.” The future means several different things to us. First and foremost, we are farming with the next generation of farmers in mind. We want our business to be one that will successfully pass on from one generation to the next. Second, we want our business to be in a constant cycle of improvement, never stagnant. The agriculture industry is ever changing, and we make a point to anticipate and embrace new agriculture technology and practices. We believe that the future of agriculture belongs to those who prepare for it.

Our Philosophy

We believe that safety, hard work, sustainability and teamwork are essential factors to our success.

Safety – We promote an environment of safety first by providing monthly safety training, providing an easy reporting process for safety hazards, and using up-to-date technology to help our employees do the job safely and efficiently.

Hard Work – “Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds.” Hard work is what this business has been built upon, and it is vital to the continued success of our employees and Silent Shade Planting Company.

Sustainability – We incorporate the latest technology to get the most out of every acre with the least amount of ecological impact.

Teamwork – Whether in the office or in the fields, we work very closely together. All of our employees are expected to share a mutual respect for one another and to work as a team.

Our Story

Silent Shade Planting Company is a family owned farming business recognized for its forward-thinking agricultural practices and its focus on sustainable farming.

Willard Jack Trucking

Willard Jack Trucking is a division of Silent Shade Planting Company providing hauling services for customers in the Mississippi delta.

Our Practices

We use precision technology and best management practices to sustainably grow a healthy, high quality crop.

Our Crops

In choosing our crop mix, we believe diversity is key. Yearly, we grow cotton, corn, soybeans, rice and wheat.

Silent Shade Planting Company

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