Crop Overview

For thirty years, Silent Shade has consistently grown a diversified crop of cotton, corn, soybeans and rice. Crop diversity for us is a part of our risk management strategy. The number of acres dedicated to each crop changes yearly depending on the market, soil types and crop rotation.


  • Our cotton is planted on our sandiest ground in a rotation with our corn crop.
  • Plant date: Late April—Early May
  • We plant our cotton in a skip row pattern.
  • Our cotton goes through five main growth stages: germination, seedling establishment, canopy development, flower and boll development, and maturation.
  • Plant growth regulators and defoliation products are applied by variable rate with the use of aerial imagery.
  • Harvest date: Late September—October
  • Staplctn markets our cotton crop, and most goes to the international market.


  • Of our four crops, soybeans tend to be the most low cost/low risk. The plant is more resilient when faced with weed or bug pressures.
  • Plant date: Early April
  • Soybeans are planted on heavy, clay soil in a rotation with our rice crop. Typically we aim to plant 2 years of soybeans followed by 1 year of rice. This crop rotation increases our sustainability by maintaining soil fertility.
  • Harvest date: September
  • Our soybeans are mainly exported to the international market.
  • Soybeans are used in the production of so many things including food, feed, rubber, plastic, paint and oil.


  • Planting Window: March 15-April 10
  • Our corn seed is planted at a variable rate based on soil fertility
  • Our corn is irrigated using row water with surge valve technology
  • We apply Phosphorus, Potassium and Nitrogen at a variably rate based on soil samples.
  • Our corn is scouted weekly for disease, bugs and weeds. Crop protection is applied as needed to promote plant health.
  • Harvest start date: Mid-August
  • Our harvested corn stays locally in the state. The end user is the chicken feed mills in South Mississippi.


  • Our rice ground is precision landformed prior to planting.
  • Plant date: late March
  • Our rice grows on heavy, clay soil in a rotation with our soybean crop, using these four Best Management Practices: (BMP) straight levee, side inlet, alternate wetting and drying, row rice.
  • Our rice is flooded to prevent weed growth and reduce our need for herbicides.
  • Harvest date: August—September
  • The final product is a long-grain white rice.
  • Our harvested rice is sent to Producers Rice Mill, a local co-op.
  • From Producers, it goes directly to our regional grocery stores or is exported to the international market.
  • Our rice can be packaged by Producers as brown or white rice, and end consumers can use it for entrees, side dishes, soups, fried rice and much more.

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