In choosing our crop mix, we believe diversity is key.  Yearly, we grow cotton, corn, soybeans, rice and wheat. The allocation of acreage to each crop changes according to market demand. Most of our crop and land management is handled in-house. Below are just a few of our crop management practices.


All of our farming acreage is irrigated by row-water or pivot. We are in the process of converting all wells to electric to reduce carbon emissions and improve farm efficiencies. Some other irrigation technology that we employ includes soil moisture sensors, surge valves, and tailwater recovery systems. Over the years, we have seen a drastic reduction in the amount of water we use each growing season because we have adopted these practices. Not only are we conserving water, but we are saving money and growing a healthy, high-yielding plant.


Land fertility is closely managed by yearly soil samples. Fertilizer is applied to the ground based on prescriptions from the soil sampling process. These prescriptions help us to put just the amount of fertilizer or chemical needed without waste.  When weather allows, Silent Shade also uses a hi-boy spreader to spread chemicals and fertilizer from the ground. When it is too wet for the ground machine, we use delta air for aerial application.  In the fall and spring, chicken litter is applied to ground to increase fertility.

Aerial Application

Silent Shade has shared ownership in Delta Air, an aerial applicator service located in Belzoni, Mississippi.  Delta Air uses an Air Tractor 802 and 402 to spread a large portion of fertilizer and chemicals for Silent Shade. The Air Tractors have the capability to variable rate apply fertilizer and chemicals when needed. 

Grain Storage

Silent Shade has the capability to store up to 500,000 bushels of grain in both owned and rented bins.

Dirt Moving

Silent Shade employs the use of dirt buckets to level land in-house. We will work with landlords to find ways to make their land more valuable through landforming their fields and improving pads.

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